I am a Leeds based photographer currently studyinglol1
at Leeds Art University. Previously interested in fine art, I enjoy art direction and set designing of extravagant and  colourful shoot that catch the eye of the viewer. Often my work explores adulthood and self identity through fashion and still life shoots.




Polyester Zine – http://polyesterzine.com/homesick/

Sister Magazine – https://www.sistermagazine.co.uk

The ‘G’ Word Magazine – https://chloesheppard.com/the-g-word-paper/

Nest Magazine. – https://www.nestmag.online/copy-of-issue-07

Curated By Girls – http://www.curatedbygirls.com/erin-williams.html

FGRL CLUB – https://fgrlsclub.com/2018/03/a-different-type-of-lgbtq-photo-series/